Wednesday, November 14, 2012


It's official. Please visit my new website and blog HERE at
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Meanwhile, here is a quick peek at the fashion illustrations I have been working on for Armani's Facebook page! I can't wait for the album launch. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

LATE AFTERNOON Liz Cherkasova: Fashion Blogger Portrait

Todays little feature is of one of my favorite fashion bloggers from Los Angeles- the darling Liz
Cherkasova from Late Afternoon. This fashion darling is one of my heroes. She's completely stunning, and has a killer sense of style. Whats more? She wears allot of cloths and accessories that we can actually afford! I've been wanting to feature our girl Liz in a fashion illustration and when I saw this post of her I knew this one was the one. Here she's sporting totally chic and affordable fashion including a sweater from Threadsence , neckless from Urban Outfitters , and this amazing cuff from my latest jewelry designer obsession, Vanessa Mooney- You're going to pass out when you see her pieces. 

Separate post on her later... because I could go on. 

For now, enjoy the fabulous Liz from Late Afternoon, in this gorgeous fashion illustration. I hope I've captured that breathless beauty and ethereal essence that is mixed so well with her to die for style. I think it's so important that we feel gorgeous in our own skin, and when we do- to celebrate that. That's why so much of my art is centered around portraits, and often around women who are strong and beautiful- they can be such an inspiration to put in a little extra effort to making yourself feel you. You gotta love yourself. Right? Love to hear what you think! 

Do you have any favorite fashion inspiration, jewelry designer, etc you want me to feature? 

YOU can let me know who's next!

xx jrs

Sunday, August 5, 2012

PAINTING PORTRAITS: The Fashion Adroit gets a celebrity portrait painting

Finally I believe she is complete- THIS GORGEOUS painting of my celeb fashion idol The Fashion Adroit. If you haven't started stalking her yet, I recommend you start because she is going to be big time. Not only is she a sweetheart like you wouldn't believe- she is of the most uniquely fashionable women I've seen with a blog that is stacked for your fashion knowledge and entreatment. So get on that.

Diana literally takes my breath away. When she asked me first about doing a commissioned portrait of her, I was so honored. I knew she was only looking for the best of the best in portrait artists, and for an artist that would have an style in fashion illustration, so I was flattered and excited that such a stylish beauty was wanting to going forces! So join we did. At first, I began to pour through her blog and look at each of her beautiful photos and pictures- it was nearly impossible to choose what look to feature, how, with what colors, what energy, what emotion. I went with my gut on this one, and it's been a thrill to capture her. This avant-garde portrait, in the style of fashion editorial photography and with a flair for fashion illustration, expresses her beauty, and I think her passion as well. I hope you like her, and I can't wait to do more with Diana!!!!
Here is just a few snaps from the portrait and what it looks from my eyes painting her. Let me know what you think!


Friday, August 3, 2012

MICHAEL KORS: Fashion illustrations prefall 2012

Oh, goodness, dying. I nearly fell over today after seeing this dark beauty in Michael Kors on Rodeo Drive today in Bev Hills. I've been so inspired by what Michael is doing with his prefall 2012 line, as are many of the best fashion illustrators and artists out there like myself. Had to share some of my own sketches with you...

I've been obsessing over this High low hemline gown. 

Also! For those of you who don't know yet- I've started a daily diary style Tumblr for my day to day photos and inspiration in my life. I get allot of questions about who am I, and what I do day to day, and I love to be able to share a peak into my little part of the world. Be sure to check it out- I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FAMILY PORTRAITS: How to bring back the cool.

Here's a question. When did family portraits become so disturbingly uncool? Think back on your old history classes and you'll remember- family portraits were the crown jewel of the home. These painted beauties were extreme, avant gaurde, celebrated. They showed the love of the family, respect, status, celebrity. So when did the family portrait become a subject of halfhearted participation, department store mockery with cheesy backdrops and with a bad blur effect at the edge.

I've recently been approached over and over by wonderful families wanting a family portrait. They love my style, the effortless cool and whimsy, something fashion forward and editorial about them. Well isn't that wonderful! My greatest love is to capture the moments that pass us by, the emotions that slip through our fingers like air, carefully craft a split second of meaning you can feel. But, seriously, my gut instinct was one of... extreme hesitance. I was confused, but then I got it.

Family portraits just aren't cool anymore. So what's the problem? My art is something I pour my heart and soul into, something I seek to elevate the emotions of everyone who sees them. But this got me excited. Why can't we bring back the family portrait. Making it chic. Editorial. Making it art. Celebrity. Crystalizing the essence of our emotions. We treasure our families, our friends, our loved ones. It's time to celebrate them again. W Magazine doesn't make you gag, and neither should your family portraits.

I captured a few of the photoshoots for W Magazine, Bazaar, etc, as inspiration below. For more on my commission work check out my website here. 

We can bring back the cool. What do you think?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

INSTALL PICTURES: Gorgeous feature- Jessica Rae Sommer

I loved seeing pictures of this beyond gorgeous home featuring a few of my lovelies in print! Sarah has been such a joy to meet and keep in touch with- and his dining room is to die for, and I love Sarah's style and look. She is saying home is still a work and progress and so I can't even wait to see all the final touches. What a great install glimpse showing how to vamp up your home with some iconic portraits! She did fabulous. 

 For a little more on her home, check out her blog here. xx Jessica Rae

Sunday, July 22, 2012

CUSTOM PAINTING all the updates- Jessica Rae Sommer

Happy Sunday lovelies. Between friends and family that have taken over visiting our little Brentwood apartment, I've been working hard these last few weeks on a new custom portrait for a phenomenal fashion blogger, The Fashion Adroit ( She is such a beauty and so inspiring. I was so thrilled to hear she wanted a portrait by ME after I'd seen her blog and fell in love! It's goodness trust me. So here's some sneeks on my progress so far!
Hope you love it. xx

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Art in Motion ( a progress clip ) Jessica Rae Sommer for The Fashion Adroit

Well, pretty much dying of excitement over my latest commission portrait of the lovely THEFASHIONADROIT. I am so thrilled to have the luck to paint such a gorgeous style maker and fashion envy- she is absolutely 100% my style. Giddy as can be about this one. 

SO, here is something new. I've tried to make a little movie clip of my progress so far... Of course she is only in her initial stages but I think she is going to be a stunner to say the least- with such inspiration, are you kidding? Doing my best to capture this beaut. It's my first attempt at filming and drawing, and iMovie, and the works... so I am pretty much shocked by my lack of mac knowledge being able to turn into a video and actually upload. I mean this is exciting.  Hope you like my dears! Terrible?

more updates later...

xx Jessica Rae

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Oh, yes, exciting. Today I posted some of my original illustrations on Etsy! It is a pretty rare occasion for me to get originals up, so I am excited to share them with you and I hope you enjoy! First is this lovely lady, a new illustration of mine with a bohemian high fashion vibe. She is illustrated on high quality Canson art paper, 9" x 12". Love to hear your thoughts, Enjoy!

xo Jessica Rae

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

*BALMAIN Killing the Details

I find so much of my inspiration for painting and interior design through fashion. When a fashion designer really gets it right- right down to the details- it feels like a concentrated version of art and space, texture, emotion, inspiration- absolutely inexplicable. I'm dying in love with Balmain- always. And since this week has been particularly dream big inspirational- Balmain has got to come out of my computer image horde files- hope you love as much as I do. I could draw these all day. xo

Monday, June 4, 2012


Kelly Sutton and I hanging out with Candace Olson at HD Las Vegas

Lots of ate nights and design deadlines at the office

Shipping out prints to some of my favorite fans

A portrait in the making....

With many thanks...

Pursuing curiously the world ahead, and excited about where it might lead!
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