Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No. 015 * Purple Does Reign

Oh. My. I'm falling head over heels. Having just changed my blog accent colors to a lovely shade of purple (who AM I? My Denver coworkers in commercial design would be laughing...), I stumbled on these heavenly images from Corrie Cond for Marie Claire au March 2010 via dustjacketattic. Doesn't this make you want to paint the world purple?

Stylist: Kate Harrowsmith

No. 014 *Lovely Ugly Little Apartment Design

Is it fair to make a new years resolution before the new year? This new year, I am vowing to truly 'move in' to my apartment. I have been living in Venice Beach/Los Angeles for nearly 6 months now and having come with nothing more than what fit in the back of my 2door car...my little studio flat has remained relatively bare. Unfortunately, like most of us right now, I'm lacking in the essential extra funds to 'throw money at the problem.' Thus my move in will need to be completed in a budget friendly manner. These are some of my favorite inspirational images I've been looking through, although I am not sure how they will apply! I used to be so in love with empty spaces, minimal design. Lately I want to move in. I want to by furniture. I want my aparment to feel like me and to feel like home...

Any suggestions on getting the most apartment design bang for your buck?

I will be sure to keep you updated! xo- Jessica Rae

Sunday, December 26, 2010

No. 013 *Bringing Santa Monica Christmas- Rain Snow or Shine

Merry Christmas! Waking up this morning in Colorado springs, Colorado. Where it is 30 degrees and the sun is blazing.

What a switch from Santa Monica! Just a day ago you might have glimpsed me trotting up 3rd street picking up some last minute Christmas trinkets- in the pouring rain. (This was me wearing my favorite over the knee flat boots and faux fur coat- can you hate me for loving that chic chic fur look sans animal involvement? Win win! ) Anyhow, faux fur, yes! Umbrella, no! I was one wet fox by the time I reached my car parked a mile away. Sopping hair, (and fir, ahem... ) streaming face, it was Christmas shopping for the outdoor enthusiast.There was something exhilarating about it though! I may busy entering my vacation from

Los Angeles design world but I WILL return to my family/friends in Colorado bearing little gifts of our local Santa Monica charm and glam! I felt like quite accomplished free spirit (how I love our city!) amid the stairs and laughs from passing shoppers huddled dry under their designer umbrellas. A few scoff, 'tourist!!'. Some smile as if to say.... 'i've totally been there!'.

Well, friends, you might have laughed too?
Given me a smile for my (albeit drippy) faux choice?
Well, no matter the answer I hope you find yourself this Christmas and Holiday season amid the charm of your family and friends, weather it be rain snow or shine. It's the perfect time to reflect on our reasons for celebrating, despite our hard times these last few years.
Speaking of Santa Monica shops and other favorite local treasures, I've been inspired. Perhaps I will start featuring some of our favorites here at Lovelyugly! More to come...
Xoxo and Merry Christmas!
Jessica Rae

Monday, December 20, 2010

No. 013 *Monday Focus

Well for a good amount of us this... this is a short week at the office and for some reason that always makes it hard to focus. Our minds checked out Thursday of last week while our bodies grudgingly go through the motions wishing time would tick a little faster. Whether we are rushing off to join families, friends, or something completely different for the holidays, here is wishing you a little focus power for the remainder of the work week. I myself a headed back to Colorado for Christmas with my Dad and his wife, and her family. This is the first year I have been having to take a plane back 'home' for holidays and while I am really excited for some time away from the daily routine, I already know how happy I will be when my plane touches back down at LAX...

For productive inspiration....Monique Lhullier’s home office as well as some globe inspiration as seen featured here.
Santa Baby. I would love both.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

No. 012 *Jonathan Jonathan

Who doesn't need a leather hippo??? Well nobody needs a leather hippo. But if we are talking about wants, fancy, and other curiosities, here are a few fun new pieces I saw at Jonathan Adler. These are such cheerful pieces! Jonathan Adler is a great source... I was not familiar with until recently and now I've ended up spec'ing quite a few of their pieces in my design job... such a great variety of items, all with a light hearted flair. I love them.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No. 011 *Unfinished Painting

Don't you just hate those projects you start and have yet to finish? That guilty feeling that you pretend you're not feeling?? I wake up every morning and see this unfinished painting of mine and it's getting on my nerves. It's a fairly large piece. I turn it face to the wall so I don't have to look at it sometimes ;). I want to finish it... but I just cant put my finger on what's missing? I'm thinking a deeper darker background... It's evolving every time I DO work on it... Anyhow.

Good luck with all of your unfinished projects today...

Monday, December 13, 2010

No. 010 *Tis the Season..

I am feeling so unexpectedly holiday this year. Maybe it's the idea of hot chocolate in front of a fire place while snow floats down lazy outside. Maybe it's the knee high boots and blanket scarves, that warm feeling of the whole season. Could be the lights. I love Christmas. This being my first year on my own in Santa Monica... these thoughts all seem more lovely. Something about lights on palm trees has its charm too. Anyhow, what a lovely season. I had to give in and post up some images` Via Elle Decor, and my own little christmas... yes, I found myself making a snowflake out of jet black wall paper over the weekend. At 24, christmas music and candles at my apartment.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

No. 009 *Kelly Wearstler

I have to say, without hesitation, I am completely enamored with Kelly Wearstler right now. Perhaps I am catching on a bit late after her stint as a Top Design judge a few years back but her impeccable taste, style, and design have been catching my eye as of late. I've selected a rug designed by her for The Rug Company for one of my projects, and was pretty excited to add a bit of her flair to my space- staged for a younger guest at again, one of the villa projects in China. See the rug here... Tracery Rug by Kelly Wearstler

Friday, December 10, 2010

No. 008 *Whimsical things...

I was pulling pieces for another villa project today, childrens suites, specifically... and stumbled across some truely wonderful pieces. While perhaps not all fitting for children these pieces all just struck me in some way, how whimsical! Brought to you by Versace, designartist Shawn soh, Eva Milinkovic of Tsunami Glassworks, anna wili highfield paper-sculptures, jamie hayon lounge chair, sebastian brajkovic's artful pieces... of course, wonderful, don't you think?

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