Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No. 001 *trading ice for water

So, Venice beach is my new home sweet home. I've made the exodus... my past life in middle America fading behind me. I've officially traded the snow and ice of Denver, Colorado, for a slightly warmer climate. Bigger city. Allot more sand. I am up and coming designer/artist/interior stylist/architect/meandering creative soul... new to the LA design scene. I am excited to see where life takes me in my first adult leap. I have accepted a position as a designer at a top Hospitality/Hotel/Resort design company where I am learning the ropes of what I like to call 'design in excess.' More on that later.
Speaking of all things lovely, ugly, what a perfect place to find myself. Venice Beach, and Los Angeles are full of it. I love that about this city. I have always had a personal bent towards those designs that make you raise you brow and hmmm. Wonder if you should love it or hate it, laugh, or judge, but cant help being curious. My external hard drives-bloated with inspirational images- its time to get some of it out in the open to be shared, hopefully in a somewhat cohesive way. Here is to all things design- interiors, architecture, art, graphics, fashion, photography. All things lovely, ugly. I hope to see you around.

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Lauren Ashley Brannon said...

Ahhh your first ever post! I love it! beeming with creativity and talent from the very beginning. I am so happy you took that big leap too! Yes I stalk your blog at work alot. See you soon

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