Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No. 005 *Do You Wake Up Underwater?

Does this ever happen to you? I am waking up this morning in a total underwater bog. Slow and heavy. I have been too busy... painting, catching up with friends, working, running, and little to no sleep. There is never enough time for that. Tonight will be a late one at work as we are presenting the second phase of our Villa/Hotel design to our client in China. These meetings start late, run long, make me with I spoke Chinese. There is something fascinating about this new world of design I am in. But I am so tired. Everything is in a bit of a rush with this short week (Thanksgiving).

I am dedicating this mornings posts to  Alexander Mcqueen's Vogue Nippon May 2010" The Girl from Atlantis". Perhaps there is some comfort and peace in these underwater mornings. This photo shoot is enough to make you forget yourself. Enjoy, and happy Tuesday.

1 comment:

Design Junkie said...

I LOVE these!

I am imagining a piece by you, inspired by these, hanging in my house! Sometimes I think I'm a mermaid - I love being with the water.

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