Monday, December 13, 2010

No. 010 *Tis the Season..

I am feeling so unexpectedly holiday this year. Maybe it's the idea of hot chocolate in front of a fire place while snow floats down lazy outside. Maybe it's the knee high boots and blanket scarves, that warm feeling of the whole season. Could be the lights. I love Christmas. This being my first year on my own in Santa Monica... these thoughts all seem more lovely. Something about lights on palm trees has its charm too. Anyhow, what a lovely season. I had to give in and post up some images` Via Elle Decor, and my own little christmas... yes, I found myself making a snowflake out of jet black wall paper over the weekend. At 24, christmas music and candles at my apartment.

1 comment:

naturally nina said...

ohhhh such gorgeous pictures. thanks for sharing!

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