Sunday, December 26, 2010

No. 013 *Bringing Santa Monica Christmas- Rain Snow or Shine

Merry Christmas! Waking up this morning in Colorado springs, Colorado. Where it is 30 degrees and the sun is blazing.

What a switch from Santa Monica! Just a day ago you might have glimpsed me trotting up 3rd street picking up some last minute Christmas trinkets- in the pouring rain. (This was me wearing my favorite over the knee flat boots and faux fur coat- can you hate me for loving that chic chic fur look sans animal involvement? Win win! ) Anyhow, faux fur, yes! Umbrella, no! I was one wet fox by the time I reached my car parked a mile away. Sopping hair, (and fir, ahem... ) streaming face, it was Christmas shopping for the outdoor enthusiast.There was something exhilarating about it though! I may busy entering my vacation from

Los Angeles design world but I WILL return to my family/friends in Colorado bearing little gifts of our local Santa Monica charm and glam! I felt like quite accomplished free spirit (how I love our city!) amid the stairs and laughs from passing shoppers huddled dry under their designer umbrellas. A few scoff, 'tourist!!'. Some smile as if to say.... 'i've totally been there!'.

Well, friends, you might have laughed too?
Given me a smile for my (albeit drippy) faux choice?
Well, no matter the answer I hope you find yourself this Christmas and Holiday season amid the charm of your family and friends, weather it be rain snow or shine. It's the perfect time to reflect on our reasons for celebrating, despite our hard times these last few years.
Speaking of Santa Monica shops and other favorite local treasures, I've been inspired. Perhaps I will start featuring some of our favorites here at Lovelyugly! More to come...
Xoxo and Merry Christmas!
Jessica Rae

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