Monday, December 20, 2010

No. 013 *Monday Focus

Well for a good amount of us this... this is a short week at the office and for some reason that always makes it hard to focus. Our minds checked out Thursday of last week while our bodies grudgingly go through the motions wishing time would tick a little faster. Whether we are rushing off to join families, friends, or something completely different for the holidays, here is wishing you a little focus power for the remainder of the work week. I myself a headed back to Colorado for Christmas with my Dad and his wife, and her family. This is the first year I have been having to take a plane back 'home' for holidays and while I am really excited for some time away from the daily routine, I already know how happy I will be when my plane touches back down at LAX...

For productive inspiration....Monique Lhullier’s home office as well as some globe inspiration as seen featured here.
Santa Baby. I would love both.

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