Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No. 014 *Lovely Ugly Little Apartment Design

Is it fair to make a new years resolution before the new year? This new year, I am vowing to truly 'move in' to my apartment. I have been living in Venice Beach/Los Angeles for nearly 6 months now and having come with nothing more than what fit in the back of my 2door car...my little studio flat has remained relatively bare. Unfortunately, like most of us right now, I'm lacking in the essential extra funds to 'throw money at the problem.' Thus my move in will need to be completed in a budget friendly manner. These are some of my favorite inspirational images I've been looking through, although I am not sure how they will apply! I used to be so in love with empty spaces, minimal design. Lately I want to move in. I want to by furniture. I want my aparment to feel like me and to feel like home...

Any suggestions on getting the most apartment design bang for your buck?

I will be sure to keep you updated! xo- Jessica Rae

1 comment:

manuel said...

ummm love everything! why dont we just start a business together... i mean really.

you can come to my place and borrow some things if you need to.... or just scour craigslist like i do my dear! hope you had a great holiday! i am heading back to chi with some new antlers and some new inspiration to throw at my place! hope all is well!

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