Sunday, January 30, 2011

No. 029 *BLOG AWARDS! Lovely Ugly Gives a Golden Balloon...

When I started *{ Lovely Ugly Design }, my goal was to explore design in all its forms right up to the edges where lovely and ugly begin to blur. I am loving what I am learning and discovering and I hope you are enjoying what I have shared. Speaking of sharing, I would like to share with you the following incredible blogs:

L.U. would like to present to its first GOLDEN BALLOON AWARD to...


If you haven’t visited their blogs, please take a look- you’ll be happy you did! These bloggers have been an unexpected source of wonderful inspiration to continue pursuing my art/design goals outside of the daily design studio. I think it’s only appropriate to stop and say a sincere thank you for bringing a bright welcome to my morning hours, daily inspiration, and such kind thoughts and comments! Thank you for logging your early morning (and late evening)… hours over a cup of coffee to share with us your encouragement and light.

Being unable to send you flowers, a card, or a letter.... Lovely Ugly Design would like to give you this hand illustration and a Golden Balloon. (everyone loves balloons… mine is gold!) Much appreciation and affection via blog world. There is so much more to discover and share, I hope you’ll follow!

Xo Jessica Rae

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No. 028 *NEW Painting- Sneak Preview

So, it is not finished yet but here is a preview of my latest painting. I'm in love with Lee Bul's Sternbau pieces right now. They are so overloaded with crystal and metallic this drapery bohemian way. It's like he took fistfuls of crystal and threads of chain- threw them up in the sky and they clung there. I can't get enough. At the risk of making my painting look ridiculous see below for my inspiration. Also, in exciting news, I am starting an Etsy to begin selling my pieces~~ More to come!! XO Jessica Rae

Monday, January 24, 2011

No. 027 *Candy Color Mondays- Designers Guild

Hello Monday! Here's to starting your week with color so rich it's almost edible. These wallcoverings, fabrics, etc, brought to you Designer's Guild Style. I'm typically a neutrals girl but I'd say if I DID do color I'd probably have that 'go big or go home' theory. What do you think? Too much of a good thing?

xo Jessica Rae

Thursday, January 20, 2011

No. 026 Nate Berkus- Obsess Worthy

Let's take a few minutes this morning and drool over Nate Berkus. I can't get enough of him- I am obsessed with rich, neutral color palettes with metallic/metal accents- he does it so incredibly well! I can't help but adore his style- how ornamented but comfortable it is, and his use of color in subtle but effective ways.

Eye candy for your Thursday!!
Via Nate Berkus, Elle Decor

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No. 025 *Professional Power Pick- Hello High Heels.

High heels. Not those weak 2 inch ones- the kind that gives literal prop up on the world. No matter what a weekday morning brings I always feel better when I face it with heels. I am 5'-3", and in college, my favorite Interior design professor told me to always wear heels. 'Wear your tallest heels when you need a boost. Walk confidently. Speak clearly. Smile graciously. Never let them look down on you, or doubt you because your small. You are fabulous, let them know it the moment they see you.' Heels every day? Unrealistic maybe, but the idea is a good one. There are lots of days when I wake up tired, or sore, or just wanting to be comfortable for the long day ahead. A reasonable pair of ballet flats seem to be the easy answer. When I do throw on a pair though I can't help but notice- I find myself feeling more confident in heels- looking down on a more manageable world from a slightly taller vantage point. They are my power item at work. I loved her saying that and I believe it still. So I'm curious...

What is your professional Power Item- what gives you that extra edge when you need it?  
xo Jessica Rae

(Speaking of, this pair at Jcrew is a geat go to that will last you ****)

Monday, January 17, 2011

No. 024 *Black and GOLD Wish list

I normally don't do clothing posts but this weekend I was browsing around and really fell in love with a couple of things. It probably doesn't take long looking at {lovely ugly} to see I'm obsessed with black and gold. I'm in love with a detailing and feminine metal touches...I'm a lady. Classy yeah? A few of my favorite  new things that I'm jonesing for... from the lovely Michael Kors, Anthro, and Jcrew- Stripes, Jacket, Boots... Too bad they will most likely be staying on my wishlist... Oh my goodness would I love one of those gold watches... Happy Monday!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

No. 023 Friday- SELF PORTRAIT- An lllustrated life

Shoot. REALLY? After a night tossing, turning- feeling terrible- it’s official. I’m not cured. Ehhhmm. Okay~ I was half convinced I’d wake up feeling like a new person. (This due to yesterday’s religious consumption of ginger root’ tea and eating food so spicy it made my eyes water…Really, on google everyone seemed so convinced these are immediate cures.) I’m still a sucker for natural cures and a health food fix so my fingers are crossed. Meanwhile, I’m dragging myself back to the office (Oiy are you kidding me, another confusing day of extra time? NO WAY…). Also, a little illustration to go with my morning. Thank you school boy blazer for making leggings, sneakers, and a fur collar acceptable for casual Friday. Three thoughts for your day:

No. 01 Fresh ginger root~ visually~ may freak you out but makes fabulous tea (and does not cure the common cold)
No. 02 Throw on a blazer and suddenly every outfit feels business casual
No. 03 In a world that has invented Ipads, Androids, robotic vacuum- Kleenex is the best we can do. Really?
Xoxox Jessica Rae (HAPPY FRIDAY!!!)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

No. 022 *ONE BLUE B A B E

Wednesday… ick. Today I am one sick bird. I hate calling into sick, so I stress for 45 minutes this morning over the ‘proper’ procedure of doing so at my new job. Is it an actual phone call these days? Can you just shoot them an email? Why do I suddenly feel like a twelve year old asking for money? Shoot. I have been working there for going on five months now, but I still feel like a total rookie. Hard as I work (and I do work work work) I am a drop in the ocean I end up emailing- it’s 2011 right? **sigh.

Slowing down for a day is baffling. We keep our weeks running at 200%. We’re stuffing more and more in there lately and our schedules are looking like those cheap overstuffed pillows where the fluff is coming out beyond the seams. Extra time is confusing. I usually run to wind down and without my daily dose I’m spun like a top with no where to spin. What do I do? Lost myself (thanks to you lovelies) in blogland inspiration. Found a few new favorites below…A perfect pick me up for a blue day. (Found these gems over at Designismine who's blog I fell in love with today... no really I told them so...)

Anyone else find it's hard to slow down these days? It's easy to ignore until you have to stop running...
Here's to a healthier feeling Friday...
Xo Jessica Rae

No. 021 *Ode to Denver

Cheeseman Park, a right by my old flat in Denver. Just because <3

Monday, January 10, 2011

No. 019 *CLASSICAL RE-VAMP- Provocative Furniture by Jimmie Martin

Have you seen these pieces by Jimmie Martin? They are definitely the epitome of what I love so much about borderline design. Ugly? Lovely? All I know is I can’t stop looking at them and I bet you’re going to feel the same. I am a sucker for metallics, text, and re-vamped classical design- Jimmie Martin { take a look at the website } has a whole slew of fantastic and provocative one-off pieces they describe as “combining the decadent and quirky with the nostalgic and urban.” A creative re-vamp of classic pieces in metallic and loud text (quoting phrases like 'IMPERFECT', recepies, poems...) elaborate flowers, bold and fun colors. If you think that they are too over the top to picture in a space just ask the famous interior designer {Kelly Hoppen} who used the lounge chairs pictured here in her design of {Rhodes W1} in London. (I love Kelly Hoppen.)

Makes me want take a trip to the local thrift store...

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