Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No. 017 *Your TRASH? Anthropologie's treasure.

Paper birds, paper planes, and long paper chains. Marshmallows on string, and used plastic cartons. Old tea bags? Plants in trash bags? Coffee filters and dirty books...

Okay... this list is probably not anywhere NEAR the first things that come to mind when you think about creating a magical decor. Whimsical decorating. Effective sales displays? At best it probably sounds like a kindergarden arts and crafts activity, at worst it sounds down right revolting. Bonus? It's super sustainable and earth friendly, and can be used to create the most jaw dropping displays I've seen. Can you imagine the first person on the anthropologie team to suggest such displays? 'Hey...why don't we just cover the whole storefront with old trash bags, but we can make them look like birds....' was it a tough sell? It never stops amazing me- how these 'trash' and discarded items become a fantasty display in the storefronts of Anthro (yep, for those of us to whom it's near and dear, Anthropologie has a nickname). Just a few of my favorites are pictured below! It makes me green with envy of the creative team at Anthro, they must sweat creativity. I love it, so inspiring!

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