Friday, January 14, 2011

No. 023 Friday- SELF PORTRAIT- An lllustrated life

Shoot. REALLY? After a night tossing, turning- feeling terrible- it’s official. I’m not cured. Ehhhmm. Okay~ I was half convinced I’d wake up feeling like a new person. (This due to yesterday’s religious consumption of ginger root’ tea and eating food so spicy it made my eyes water…Really, on google everyone seemed so convinced these are immediate cures.) I’m still a sucker for natural cures and a health food fix so my fingers are crossed. Meanwhile, I’m dragging myself back to the office (Oiy are you kidding me, another confusing day of extra time? NO WAY…). Also, a little illustration to go with my morning. Thank you school boy blazer for making leggings, sneakers, and a fur collar acceptable for casual Friday. Three thoughts for your day:

No. 01 Fresh ginger root~ visually~ may freak you out but makes fabulous tea (and does not cure the common cold)
No. 02 Throw on a blazer and suddenly every outfit feels business casual
No. 03 In a world that has invented Ipads, Androids, robotic vacuum- Kleenex is the best we can do. Really?
Xoxox Jessica Rae (HAPPY FRIDAY!!!)


Heidiopia said...

Thanks for visiting Show Some Decor! I am so feeling you today-- all week actually. Put your blazer on, arm yourself with Kleenex, and just know that tomorrow is Saturday. :)
Feel better!!

Captivated by image said...

Your blog is so lovely! Great inspirations. This illustration is very good, I love it.

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