Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No. 025 *Professional Power Pick- Hello High Heels.

High heels. Not those weak 2 inch ones- the kind that gives literal prop up on the world. No matter what a weekday morning brings I always feel better when I face it with heels. I am 5'-3", and in college, my favorite Interior design professor told me to always wear heels. 'Wear your tallest heels when you need a boost. Walk confidently. Speak clearly. Smile graciously. Never let them look down on you, or doubt you because your small. You are fabulous, let them know it the moment they see you.' Heels every day? Unrealistic maybe, but the idea is a good one. There are lots of days when I wake up tired, or sore, or just wanting to be comfortable for the long day ahead. A reasonable pair of ballet flats seem to be the easy answer. When I do throw on a pair though I can't help but notice- I find myself feeling more confident in heels- looking down on a more manageable world from a slightly taller vantage point. They are my power item at work. I loved her saying that and I believe it still. So I'm curious...

What is your professional Power Item- what gives you that extra edge when you need it?  
xo Jessica Rae

(Speaking of, this pair at Jcrew is a geat go to that will last you ****)


cnicole photodesign said...

cute outfit!
Love the neutral color shoes. So sleek and sophisticated.

Nancy said...

I do see that wearing high heels might give you a boost. I'm 5'8" so I don't wear really high heels too much...makes me taller than my hubby and I don't like that. My best friend is about 5'3" and she's a real estate agent and that girl can wear the highest heels all day long, showing homes to her clients for hours.

Cute blog...love the post one or two down with your drawing! Love that!!!


Styles 'n Cream said...

Hi, i just found your blog and I love it. You are so right that high heels can give you a self esteem boost and if I am going to a business meeting, a smart black pant suit can do the same.

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