Thursday, March 31, 2011

No. 049 *Solve Sundsbo Photography (So Lovely)

Don't you just love that fashion, design, interiors, art, all seem related these days? I find editorial shoots to be so inspiring- yes. Even when it's 5:26 in the morning (I know... get your coffee ready!). Have you guys seen Solve Sundsbo's work? It's totally gorgeous, and so inspiring. Talk about color combinations and draping to die for. I feel like I'm in love.

What to you guys get design inspiration from?

xo Jessica Rae

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No. 048* I dream Hermes...

Ahhh. It has been tricky to blog lately and I'm dying because I miss you all! My trusty little laptop is... errr... down with a sickness right now. Who sits around writing these Internet bugs? Well, in springtime cheer I'm dreaming of Hermes, of a new Macbook (I've been craving one for quite some time... I'm saving my pennies!), and this rug from ICE.

Computer Virus= Ugly. These? Ohhh so lovely.

Hope you're having great start to the week!!

Jessica Rae

Monday, March 21, 2011

No. 047 *Bold Yellow...Love love love

There's nothing mellow about the bold bright yellow used in these spaces but I'm falling in love anyways. Aren't you?

via- Elle Decor, Oscar De La Renta, Roubini Rug, Wedding Nouvaeu, Versace...

Monday, March 14, 2011

No. 046 * My Design Life- Real World Sneak Peak

Hi Lovelies! Every once in a while I like to open up and give you guys all a glace in to the real world of my design life. Yeh, it's alot of early morning runs (nothing like a 10k to wake your soul up ;) )caffine pounding, fast deadlines, desks stacked with images, finishes... You know the drill!

So, as promised, another sneak peek into the real world of design. One of my main babies is a luxury mansion/villa overseas, and this week we have been finalizing the space plan and I have been pulling together all the concept boards/furniture for each and every room. They are still very rough but the overall idea is coming along and I'm loving some of the pieces I've pulled so far- it's tricky, because we call it 'concept' but all the peices actually have to work and fit in the space, because if they are approved we will move right into spec's! Next will be fabrics, finishes, wall covering... ah! And so many more spaces to go before our presentation. These clients love traditional design (dahh...) but I've taken an eclectic approach that hopefully gives a little life and richness to the villa. So far here are how the 'man cave library lounge' area and children's rooms are coming along... I am loving how the the lounge below is coming along... I can't get enough of that masculine mix right now.

Lovely? Ugly? It looks like one big mess but I'm telling you guys I'm making progress! How was your weekend? How are your projects coming along?

xoxo, Jessica Rae

Sunday, March 13, 2011

No. 045 *Rainy Days Inspo

18 x 24
Acrylic/mixed media

Rainy days baby. Looking forward to LA in the spring time...

xoxox Jessica Rae

Thursday, March 10, 2011

No. 044 *Bohemian Spirit

Bohemian spirit kind of day. I'd like to spend it painting, eating organic greens, photographing, window shopping all those vintage treasures in in little Ethiopia.....

Instead, happily pulling for a menswear inspired lounge area in one of my villa projects. Perhaps with a bohemian twist. I'll keep you posted.
Yes, I will be wearing a fabulous long green skirt. Heavy on the vintage jewelery. Always. And fresh greens. See it's almost perfect.

xoxoxox, Jessica Rae

ps- these images are originally from TFS, dustjacketattic, I have altered the color/saturation, etc as always.... happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Np. 043 *Please Be Kind...

Dear Los Angeles... (And dear YOUR city too...),
A little morning inspiration to be kind today. Live with a smile. Life is too short to be angry or mean. Okay, I sound like I woke up with a mouthful of Candy, but I was thinking about how everyone always comments on how happy I am at work. I am NOT always happy at work, BUT I do try to always smile, always meet challenges and tasks eagerly, always be grateful for what I have. Because I have been through dark and sad and hard places in life (and we all have). I am simply content with the here and now that is far more pleasant than the past. I love this quote because it reminds me that we don't know what others might be dealing with. Of course we wish the world would be kinder to us, but the one thing we can do is make sure we are to others. I don't know. That's just where my head was this morning.

Too cheesy for your Wednesday? Take it with a grain of salt.
I was inspired by my friend/fellow blogger Jami over at I m a g i n e today.... (who has a lovely blog by the way, do stop by and see her)

xo Jessica Rae

Monday, March 7, 2011

No. 042 It's a MAN'S World Baby (masculine design)

Happy Monday!! How's your week starting off? I had the best weekend with my dad and mom visiting- copious amounts of food, shopping, and showing them around my favorite hidden spots on the LA coast line. Miss them already!
Lately- I can't get enough of masculine/feminine design mix. Something about it seems so broken in and comfortable. The perfect balance of masculine lines, colors, with softer curves and shapes--- ah! See below- Vincent Darre at Home via The Selby. xoxo

Saturday, March 5, 2011

No. 041 *Special Art Print Preview SALE

Morning! So... so many things!! My Dad and step Momma are in town this weekend, and I am so excited! What to show them in La with so little time in a weekend? Lovely Lovely. So happy to have family in town.


I am realising a special preview of my prints for sale! Soon to be up in m Esty shop- These will be 9" x 12" prints-  (square ones are 10"x 10") signed and dated by yours truly. These are high quality art prints on archival quality paper-  $42.00 each plus $5.00 flat rate S/H. Prints are shipped flat including a certificate of authenticity.
Please contact me here for details and other sizes


For those of you interested, I will also be hosting a GIVE AWAY in the next few weeks of my prints! "Follow" {LovelyUglyDesign} on blogger, bloglovin, etc- More details coming soon!!

Fourth and finally!!

A big THANK YOU!! TO Christine at Bijou and Boheme Seriously- one of my favorite blogs of all time- for giving me a mention today and thank you! Much love, xoxox

Jessica Rae

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No. 040 *These look like ALIENS??

One of my latest paintings... Which I happened to really be growing fond of... until my friend called it an 'alien painting'. You've been painting lots of aliens lately" he says. At my birthday dinner. In front of all my friends. I am sure I was red as a tomato because my face was on fire. I was horrified. Oh my gaa. Oh crap. Here I was all excited about the colors and the human/nature/element. Here I thought I was epressing so many things. Well I can't get enough color these days. Inspiration from all those lovely spaces I've been seeing like the one below- an old Kelly W I believe?? As a whole people have been pretty accepting of my new paintings and very supportive (I JUST SOLD my first one of this series--- whooo hooo!) and it's important to me what people are thinking... because my art is for you, for people to enjoy--- am I pushing the boundaries too far? I've been pretty happy just letting loose and seeing what happens with my art lately, instead of feeling so controlled and worried like we can get in design! I'm not trying to communicate aliens! I was so ashamed. Do any of them speak to you, if so, what to they say? Please tell me if it's aliens and I will re-evaluate PRONTO. Now to go burry my head in the sand. Aliens.
Lovely- Ugly? As always the word is yours...

xoxo Lovelies....
You can check out more of my 'aliens' on my art page here...

Loving these colors....
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