Monday, March 14, 2011

No. 046 * My Design Life- Real World Sneak Peak

Hi Lovelies! Every once in a while I like to open up and give you guys all a glace in to the real world of my design life. Yeh, it's alot of early morning runs (nothing like a 10k to wake your soul up ;) )caffine pounding, fast deadlines, desks stacked with images, finishes... You know the drill!

So, as promised, another sneak peek into the real world of design. One of my main babies is a luxury mansion/villa overseas, and this week we have been finalizing the space plan and I have been pulling together all the concept boards/furniture for each and every room. They are still very rough but the overall idea is coming along and I'm loving some of the pieces I've pulled so far- it's tricky, because we call it 'concept' but all the peices actually have to work and fit in the space, because if they are approved we will move right into spec's! Next will be fabrics, finishes, wall covering... ah! And so many more spaces to go before our presentation. These clients love traditional design (dahh...) but I've taken an eclectic approach that hopefully gives a little life and richness to the villa. So far here are how the 'man cave library lounge' area and children's rooms are coming along... I am loving how the the lounge below is coming along... I can't get enough of that masculine mix right now.

Lovely? Ugly? It looks like one big mess but I'm telling you guys I'm making progress! How was your weekend? How are your projects coming along?

xoxo, Jessica Rae


Design Junkie said...

Wow, nice job! Those are some beautiful spaces.

Noe @ ADELLA AVENUE said...

#1 and #4 are my favoriteS so far. I hope you take pictures of the final project. It looks amazing!


Rachael @ Roco Rennie said...

Just came across your blog and loving the designs - numbers 4,5,6 are right up my street very chic - well done - hope we get to see the final results!

nancy @ {COZAMIA} said...

These are all beautiful, the third one really speaks to me. I've also had a look at your artwork, it is amazing!

Anya adores said...

I love it - think you have managed to find some wonderful pieces, can't wait for the end result.
Just found your blog, and I love it - following you - hope you follow me back:)
Happy Friday!
A xx

House Revivals said...

Jessica, your concept boards are gorgeous! Love them all!

~Amanda Lee

cailen ascher said...

your image boards are fabulous! i can totally see your vision for the space. it's going to be sensational

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

GORGEOUS!!! Please tell me what the wallpaper is in the last and
3rd from the bottom board- stunning!!

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