Monday, April 4, 2011

No. 050 *The GLAMOURAI...She's so Lovely...

Happy Monday lovelies!!! I love fashion just as much as design and art, and I think for me at least, the three are hard to separate. So many of us are designers at heart, (even if we aren't in the creative industry) and we want to express that by looking the part. Wardrobes are fun! Of course, there are many days when I am just about the frumpiest 25 year old you've ever seen but on most days having an outfit I really love makes me feel great about the day- and every bit more like myself. Even if your budget is a shoestring one (ehemmm ;) ), fashion inspiration photos can help you figure out how re purpose items that you own in new ways.

So let me share my on-going obsession with you! I've known about The Glamourai 's lookbook page for a long time now, but the past week have become re-infatuated with her- She's so Lovely! I'm always looking for wardrobe inspiration and her style is simply fabulous. Here's a sneak peek. These are all photos from The Glamourai's Costumery page....

 On a personal note- the most wonderful thing happened over the weekend- I sold another one of my paintings! You might remember my Chandelier painting post HERE inspired by Lee Bul's art pieces. One of the most lovely couples I know in Los Angeles asked if they could purchase this painting from me. I absolutely adore this painting, - in fact I hadn't even considered that I would sell it- but I was so thrilled to share it with them! They are such amazing people and it is always such a blessing to share my work with others, and to know they enjoy it too.  After all the sleepless nights, coffee fueld days, and paychecks poured into my local art supply stores, it is amazing to be reminded that all the effort is worth it. There is nothing like seeing a smile on someones face when they look at something you created....:) For more of my art you can take a look HERE.

I have been keeping quite busy with some VERY exciting commision work I was asked to do as well as getting all of my art ready for printing and sales through Etsy. I've been working hard on getting my etsy up, and I am nearly there! It's been such an adventure learing about art photography, printing, types of printing, etc. I've been working hard to get the best quality prints are prices that are affordible to everyone. So those of you that have been interested in my work and prints, thank you so so much! Stay tuned because my shop should be up asap... I'll keep you posted! Also feel free to email me with any questions or comments. I LOVE hearing from you <3.

Long post- that's all for right now-Here's to a great week-- xoxo Jessica Rae


{jami @ i m a g i n e} said...

congrats Jessica! That is awesome!!! I'm so happy for you. Good to hear from you my dear! I hope all is well!

XO - Jami
i m a g i n e

Floortje said...

Great necklace on the third picture!
love your photo's (:

xoxo Floortje

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