Thursday, April 14, 2011

No. 056 Midweek Addictions- xo

People are often asking me where I get my inspiration for my art and design, and why- day to day, I'm in a brighter mood than most. I wish I had a more glamorous answer, but it's often just the little things that bring me a smile and help me to appreciate life. It's about figuring out what makes us human, what makes us special, what makes life worth living, and what makes us tick. There is so much to LOVE that it lightens the load of all the heavy things that can weigh us down.

Sneak peak shot's of my midweek addictions and favorite things....

Seriously loving:

 This glimpse in Elle Decor...

Venice beach, my home, and my camera doesn't do it justice but I'm completely in love...

Friends. Vegan Food. I'm not always a vegan but I'm addicted to amazing salads. This Native Foods vegan spot in Culver City (Los Angelels ) rocked my world last night. Great food with a new friend... YUM.

Paolo Roversi- who got his own inspiration image file on my computer...

As always, too much hardware. I want... so badly... These from the Glamorai

Sunny weather. I can't get enough. 

Always, addicted to my work wear skinnies and a nude pair of heels.
Yesterday I was in them for 12 hours. Yikes.

More please.

And how could I forget my current obsession with Etsy. Many of you know I just started having my prints available on Etsy, so I've been spending a mad amount of time browsing. I'm already addicted. I want to be in too many peoples CIRCLES.

xo Jessica Rae

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Heidiopia said...

Wow-- this week I'm addicted to dogwoods in bloom, my new furniture painting e-book, the April Pottery Barn catalog, and spending time with my husband. Life is good! Enjoy, Jessica!

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