Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No. 060 Flaunt Your Best Assets!- Midweek Obessions

Time for another installment of my midweek obsessions! This week? Hands down... flaunting your best assets this season. Summer is my favorite time of the year, and as it gets closer, its a great time to think about that extra skin, house guests, and how to flaunt our very best assets!
Here's to FRAMING--- body and walls.

One of my favorite things about design is that it translates into all areas: fashion, interiors, architecture, art! You name it. Framing can be used highlight your favorite features. Want to show off your legs? Crop out your midsection? Draw attention to your favorite art print? Framing is key. Think about weight, size, color, or tossing in creative combinations. Be it your shortest shorts and casual and clever layers… or the wooden casing around a doodle on your wall- This season let’s get brainstorming on how to show off our favorites!

xoxo to the season…

Jessica Rae

 The shorties are from here - the frames are from years of collecting... if you have an sources feel free to add them!


Kalina said...

all photos are gorgeous, I love pictures on the wall! great! greetings :)

Nina said...

amazing photos! so inspiring!

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