Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No. 067 How to Rock Your BLUES

Blue. I'm loving it right now. Inside, outside... what feels more like summer than a pair of great blue jeans?
What feels fresher than bold blue accents in a room? I was over at The Sartorialist the other day... just lusting over these perfect jeans. These fabrics/wallcoverings from Designers Guild and Osborne & Little- amazingly fresh!

How to you rock your blues?

xo Tuesdays...
Jessica Rae


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

LOVE all of these gorgeous blues- both wallpapers are just beyond stunning!!

manuel said...

i love all of these posts!!! i am in love with blue right now! thank you for the bday wishes! i am a little behind on everything right now! hope all is well jess!!

Kalina said...

I love this pants, they are gorgeous!

greetings from

Design Junkie said...

Oh I would love to be rockin that blue drapery and that DG wallcovering somewhere in my house!

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