Friday, May 13, 2011

No. 072 Fashion Friday-Play With the Cool Kids

Well- can you play with the cool kids? These are a snipet of my latest 'saves'. Fashion makes me giddy- not because I want to be cool ( let's face it these looks are arguable) but because it is so much fun to express yourself with clothing. I love these looks because you can practically create them right out of your own closet--- if you get creative because, it appears, there is little to no thought or logic to some of these (which is very liberating, no?) and YET they look so cool. Pile it on. It's friday. Nobody's judging you.


Kalina said...

amazing inspirations, I love them all!

greetings from

Heidiopia said...

Always love interesting looks! I don't know that I could rock 'em but I love looking. :)

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