Friday, May 27, 2011

No. 075 Bike, Play, Fashion Friday

Long weekend. Time to play. I'm Loving these...

Also this... my new main man... a pretty deep blue Italian Bianchi Cortina that just made its way into my life (and my apartment. Ahem. I couldn't help it- I've been wanting a cool euro style towny for a while now... but this one had just enough designer flair without that 'I'm trying so hard to be vintage, I'm not... ' effect. No? Now to learn how to bike with slightly more skill... and get over my fear of moving vehicles. Share the road Los Angeles?

Can't wait to spend some time peddling around my beachy towns this weekend. Any exciting plans for you?

Happy Friday xoxox
Jessica Rae

PS. Monday- so excited to be bringing you a guest speaker on my blog! Whhooo whoo. Get ready for some killer Moroccan style...


cnicole photodesign said...

Love bikes! Yours is super rad :)

Maria said...

Hi, cool blog you have here.
Im new follower, do you want to follow back?

Fabiana said...

I love your townie-- I want one!! Will you get a cute basket for it?

Ciao form newport

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