Monday, June 6, 2011

No. 078 Candy Color Mondays- GUEST POST! Arcadian Lighting

Happy Monday- Hope everyone had a Great weekend!! I'm so excited to bring you this lovely GUEST POST from Arcadian Lighting! I was SO thrilled when they asked to appear on my blog- they are a lighting/lamps genius and fantastic resource. I absolutely am loving all of these Morrocan themed images- SO inspiring. Don't take my word for it on how great they are! Stop by Arcadian and check it out yourself! Be sure to show them some love <3


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For Candy Color Mondays this week we're packing our bags and jetting off to Morocco.  Fes, Casablanca, Marrakesh all bring to mind riads (hotels), orange groves, desert, carpets, saturated colors of the Souk, color drenched light fixtures and minty tea.  Inspired by the colors, textures and patterns of the Souk markets, Moroccan style is an eclectic mix of design that is anything but meek.  Not for the faint of heart or lovers of beiges and creams, Moroccan style is a riot of pattern and color.  Here are some of our favorite things about Moroccan style.
Colorful Moroccan Styles
Around My Table (via)
This collage of images sums up everything we love about Moroccan style: saturated colors, patterns layered upon patterns, ornamentation, hand-wrought metals, and colorful glass. And did we mention color and pattern? We can't get enough!
Colorful Moroccan Styles
Daily Mail (via)
Layered textiles, carpets, pillows and trim are quintessential in Moroccan style. Balance the patterns with solid colors, like the cream in this room and add style with a lovely chandelier. A tent in the living room is like a grown up version of a fort!
Colorful Moroccan Styles
Allison Cosmos via Design Shuffle (via)

This side table incorporates Moroccan designs with a menagerie of lovely jewel tones in pops of reds, blues, greens and golds. Placing a glowing light fixture atop it to illuminate a dark corner would set off any room.
Colorful Moroccan Styles
Trip Advisor (via)
Blue and white upholstery harmonizes with blue and white Moroccan tiles in this lounge of the Riad Jean Claude, a hotel in Fes,  Morocco.
Colorful Moroccan Styles
Lifestyle Bohemia (via)
Colorful Moroccan tiles would make a gorgeous backsplash for a kitchen, floor for a bathroom or entry, translated into textiles and pillows. These look so modern.
Colorful Moroccan Styles
Design Hole (via)
The red woven Rinsom modern chair looks right at home in this Morrocan style family room layered with blues and reds against lighter yellows and creams. The unique looking pendant light that hangs definitely complements the entire space.
Colorful Moroccan Styles
Passion Decor (via)
Blue, white and green multi-pattern Moroccan tiles make a dramatic background for simple dark wood low chairs with bright green cushions.
Colorful Moroccan Styles
Around My Table (via)
Pick up a copy of the Moroccan Interiors book for your coffee table to further inspire you.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

No. 077 Holy Lighting (Holly Hunt) Midweek Obsession

I've been swamped in specs the last few weeks and just had to share a couple of my favs. Lets start with the fact totally in love with the Alison Berger collection from Holly Hunt. So beautiful- seriously this collection is deadly! Full of handblown glass and general inspiration. I love seeing this catalogue full of sketches of the product before it was created.  Lovely!
Hope you're having a happy Wednesday!

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