Monday, February 28, 2011

No. 039 *Candice Olson (Totally Divine!)

Happy Monday! Wow it was touch and go there for a while but I'm back and I've missed you guys. So, we just finished up on our hotel project in Asia (once I pdf 3,000,000 pages of spec books today- yikes...) and my 25 birthday came and went- Thank you for all of the lovely birthday wishes! Here is to a great new year continuing to move up and onwards. So... why not start it with Candice Olson!

"OOHHHHH CANDICE!" I don't know how many times we've said this at the office, laughing that we have fallen in love with one of her prints, wallpapers, fabrics, AGAIN. Seriously- it's almost annoying. She knows her neutrals, metallics, and baby blues unlike any other designer. I think I'm going to select this rug for a client presentation today- seriously- check out more of her products here. Lovely lovely right? I don't think ugly can be a choice here!

xo Jessica Rae

Thursday, February 24, 2011

No. *038 Because it's my Birthdayyy :)

So... Most people don't know out in my new home state (and I'm not the type to make a big fuss)... but... It's my birthday today and I'm 25. Yayyyy. The past few years have been a bit rough and I am so so happy to be on the upswing. I have such lovely friends and sweet people in my life (yes that includes you guys in blogland....) and I'm grateful to each and every one. Okay that's all. :)

xo jessica rae

Monday, February 21, 2011

No. *037 Design in white- No artificial color added!

So... I think this home shows that almost NO color (but maybe preservatives!) is needed to make a bold and beautiful statement! I'm totally in love with this white white home (talk about using subtle texture and unexpected elements to bring life to a room). Ostrich Head and all...  I think it is just soooo fantastic. But, this is one of those borderline ones...
You decide!

xo Jessica Rae

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Do yourself a favor and pop over to Design Sponge DIY projects page . I can't get over what great projects are on there. I'm so in love with these coffee filter flowers, shipping popcorn lamp shade, and nightstands with added details. I'm posting a few images of my favorite ones below, but there is a whole bunch of budget friendly design/arts/craft projects that I just loved and I know you will too. Check them out!

Have any other great DIY resources? Let me know!
xo Jessica Rae

Monday, February 14, 2011

No. 035 *A Very Irene Suchoki Valentines

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For those of you celebrating great love, and those of you ( like me <3 ) who can only remember it, here is wishing you a Happy Valentines Day from Lovely Ugly. Commercial holiday or not, it is still worth a mention, because this girl isn't bitter- we are all very loved indeed. I hope you enjoy your day celebrating with your sweetie (or with a new pair of nude heels (oi...) ). I'm not much for pink but I thought these images via Irene Suchoki caught the mood. If you haven't visited her before, be sure to check out her work. Very lovely. Have a wonderful monday... I hope someone brings you flowers.
xo Jessica Rae

Saturday, February 12, 2011

No. 034 *Ta-da! New From Little Miss {Lovely Ugly}

I guess I can't stop painting lately. Here's today's work- 18 x 24 arcylic on canvas. Don't you just LOVE the iphone picture quality too? I'm dying for a decent digital camera.... Anyhow~ I can only assume that I've been stressed lately because it's become a nervous habit to eat, workout, eat, paint.... or eat :) haha. Anyhow~ I'm working on putting together a collection to start showing art galleries around Los Angeles. I'm dying to find all the hip new places and see what can happen. I know,  in LA- aka the land of everyone is talented and more beautiful than you--- it's a little dreamy eyed, but a girl can...dream right? I want to be selling more of my work, I want my art to be a part of other peoples lives too. My 25 birthday is in less than two weeks, and this year, my goal is to really go for it and not be held back by any insecurities. I mean, I figure the worst they can do is say no... or laugh at me... really rude and make me feel like a total poof. I'm down for the challange. I want to get my work out there, I hope other people can love on it as much as I do.

Do you guys have any hip galleries you've been to or heard of in Los Angeles?

Just for fun here some photos during le process... are above

Friday, February 11, 2011

No. 033 *My Design Life- Let's Get Personal

Do you ever feel like you've gone undercover on the bloggosphere? Okay, I get it, (I really do!) but I also think it’s fun to get a glimpse into the daily life of a designer. On that note, below are some images for some designs I was pulling for yesterday, a boys suite in a international villa ( the client is super conservative so it was great opportunity to throw in some color with rug and accent fabrics- as well as some custom Jonathan Adler furniture. Also, a little glimpse at my apartment in historic Denver- which I totally miss. Do you like getting a personal look at the designer behind the blog? Or is it better to stay a little more mysterious??

Happy Friday lovelies!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

No. 032 *Color Inspiration

So inspired by these beautiful colors...! Enough said <3

xo Jessica Rae

Images in part by Fleuravenue, irene suchocki, sohautestyle, dustjacketattic, elle decor

Monday, February 7, 2011

No. *031 A Little Spring Fever from {Lovely Ugly]

"I stuck my head out the window this morning and spring kissed me bang in the face. " -- Langston Hughes

I've got it. Spring fever. It's getting warmer here and I'm crossing my fingers for longer days and more sunshine. Yes, I know it's still Feburary, but I want to run around outside, read a book. Aren't you restless? I want spring break, sunshine. a vase full of flowers. Lately, when I'm leaving my day job it's already been dark for hours. I am so lucky to live in California where is warm- I don't miss those frost bitten Februaries... I do miss the sun and so I've been thinking. 

might as well

Well, we can't have everything we want, so instead- here is a little love- my latest painting. I think I had spring fever when I was painting it. Here is sending some warm and colorful weather your way. Lovely? Ugly? You decide.

xo- Jessica Rae

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No. 030 *It's a Modern Love Affair

Keep cool my babies, I haven’t gone completely traditional on you. I’m sure you’ve noticed my recent obsession with all things ornate, embellished, (and okay… sometimes a bit over the top!) but it’s not all gold and crystal over here. My emersion into the lux hospitality design has me charmed- but a girl can’t forget her first love.

Here modern makes a return- swaggering in like one cool black cat- and it’s making me giddy again. Even if it has mid-century roots this line feels fresh and new. The “Black Series” from Walter Knoll has such confident, timeless lines it has me falling in love all over again. Sometimes it’s good to hold onto you past.

What do you think; can we keep the old, the new, and mix the two?

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