Saturday, May 26, 2012

Modern Coastal Home Design

Latest design peak! This one is a kickoff presentation for for a modern home design completed at HBA. The home is a fabulous four level beauty and my design has taken inspiration from its coastal location- each level inspired by a different area of the ocean. The basement- Deep ocean waters- where shimmering hues and saturated tones are mixed with masculine lines to create the ultimate entertainment retreat. The entry level of the home is inspired by a coastal sunrise- cooling blue hues and rich golden accents create a luxurious space that brings elements of water and fire into the home. Level 2 is a guest suite level, were shallow, rippling tides, silver hues and saturated pops of gold envelope the suites. Level 3 is the master retreat. Filled with calming hues and rich natural materials- this ocean view suite is the ultimate of shoreline luxury, peace, and sanctuary.

 I've been there basically 24/7 this week... so there hasn't been time for much else but I'm so excited about how the design turned out! Time to take a break and get some sleep. Much needed. Happy long weekend lovelies!! What to you think? I'd live there!


Amberly @ The Good Life said...

I love your design concept!! I love the blues and golds you've chosen - stunning!

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Can I live there too...or at least stay every once in a while in a guestroom suite? please:)

Absolutely love the concepts and graphics. Job well done!

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