Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FAMILY PORTRAITS: How to bring back the cool.

Here's a question. When did family portraits become so disturbingly uncool? Think back on your old history classes and you'll remember- family portraits were the crown jewel of the home. These painted beauties were extreme, avant gaurde, celebrated. They showed the love of the family, respect, status, celebrity. So when did the family portrait become a subject of halfhearted participation, department store mockery with cheesy backdrops and with a bad blur effect at the edge.

I've recently been approached over and over by wonderful families wanting a family portrait. They love my style, the effortless cool and whimsy, something fashion forward and editorial about them. Well isn't that wonderful! My greatest love is to capture the moments that pass us by, the emotions that slip through our fingers like air, carefully craft a split second of meaning you can feel. But, seriously, my gut instinct was one of... extreme hesitance. I was confused, but then I got it.

Family portraits just aren't cool anymore. So what's the problem? My art is something I pour my heart and soul into, something I seek to elevate the emotions of everyone who sees them. But this got me excited. Why can't we bring back the family portrait. Making it chic. Editorial. Making it art. Celebrity. Crystalizing the essence of our emotions. We treasure our families, our friends, our loved ones. It's time to celebrate them again. W Magazine doesn't make you gag, and neither should your family portraits.

I captured a few of the photoshoots for W Magazine, Bazaar, etc, as inspiration below. For more on my commission work check out my website here. 

We can bring back the cool. What do you think?

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manuel said...

do you think you can make colt and i look "cool"? ;-)

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