Sunday, August 5, 2012

PAINTING PORTRAITS: The Fashion Adroit gets a celebrity portrait painting

Finally I believe she is complete- THIS GORGEOUS painting of my celeb fashion idol The Fashion Adroit. If you haven't started stalking her yet, I recommend you start because she is going to be big time. Not only is she a sweetheart like you wouldn't believe- she is of the most uniquely fashionable women I've seen with a blog that is stacked for your fashion knowledge and entreatment. So get on that.

Diana literally takes my breath away. When she asked me first about doing a commissioned portrait of her, I was so honored. I knew she was only looking for the best of the best in portrait artists, and for an artist that would have an style in fashion illustration, so I was flattered and excited that such a stylish beauty was wanting to going forces! So join we did. At first, I began to pour through her blog and look at each of her beautiful photos and pictures- it was nearly impossible to choose what look to feature, how, with what colors, what energy, what emotion. I went with my gut on this one, and it's been a thrill to capture her. This avant-garde portrait, in the style of fashion editorial photography and with a flair for fashion illustration, expresses her beauty, and I think her passion as well. I hope you like her, and I can't wait to do more with Diana!!!!
Here is just a few snaps from the portrait and what it looks from my eyes painting her. Let me know what you think!



Amaryllis Truth Studio : Allie Snyder said...

Hi! Was doing some blog hopping and just stumbled upon your site. And I am SO happy that I did!

Maybe, kinda a little obsessed with your work now! I'm a painter, too, but lately have been working more abstract/landscape-y. I was painting exclusively portraits in college though, and your work is definitely making me want to start sketching again.

Thank you for the inspiration! Great style!

Nancy said...

ABSOLUTE perfection! I am blown away by your talent!
So thrilled to find your blog and you. I will be tracking you and becoming a huge fan!

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